Add Contacts is your own database of building residents. Add their cellphone number, suite #, occupancy details + any notes to their file and go!

Write Message

Create a message to one or all of residents you need to reach using our easy text interface with your computer or on your own mobile device.


Click send to instantly deliver the message to your resident and it’s delivered from another number so your own cellphone details remain private.

How it works third banner 43b2aa8041c5bb76aefd6a8bd7ca1c7a5d0ce830125a37fc31ee11d5be7132f8 was specifically designed with the myriad of communications challenges Property Managers face every day. is more than just a way to ensure everyone gets their rent cheques in. It can also quickly alert people that the elevator is booked or broken; letting infirm, senior and parents with strollers to adjust their travel plans. This, like most information, is equally useful to folks both in the building at the time and those that are away from home. The system would let people know if their is a fire/flood at their home - even if they are on vacation. And imagine being able to alert a resident they or one of their friends have parked in the wrong stall and risk immediate tow. Fill vanancies fast through your network.

There are so many ways open and fast communication can improve your building community!